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Dear Friends:

We are at a tipping point, an inflection point in time when history can shift one way or another, changing lives and the destiny of nations. 

We are asking you to join us at this time when Israel and the world face their most serious challenge. On Thursday, August 7, the entire community will come together to make our voices heard at a rally in solidarity with Israel at Boston’s City Hall Plaza. The rally begins at 5:30 p.m. More information is available here.

Israel is under vicious attack from a heavily armed terrorist army bent on its destruction.  Hamas is not a government defending its citizens.  It is a terrorist organization, now armed with massive numbers of rockets, whose only goal is the murder of Israeli civilians and the destruction of Israel and completely indifferent to the lives of its own citizens who it uses as human shields. 

For Hamas, the death of every child – Palestinian or Israeli - is a public relations victory to be counted day by day on CNN and in The New York Times encouraging Hamas to create yet more martyrs. As Rabbi Jonathan Sacks recently wrote, Israel has had to endure an “assault of a kind no country in the world has had to face: worse than the Blitz in World War II. At the height of the Blitz, on average 100 German missiles were launched against Britain every day. On average during the present conflict Hamas has been firing 130 missiles a day against Israel.”

Worse yet, Israel has had to endure  this assault largely alone against the hostility and hypocrisy of a world that seems to have forgotten the difference between right and wrong, good and evil. 

Most recently even some in the United States seem to be confusing friends with enemies and terrorists fighting to protect their weapons of destruction with an allied country fighting to defend its citizens.

Away from our shores, the situation is far worse. The streets of Europe are filled with malicious anti-Israel and anti-Semitic demonstrations. The supposed line between anti-Israel and anti-Semitism, the one that we suspected never really existed anyway, has vanished. It couldn’t be more apparent than during supposedly “anti-Israel” demonstrations in France where protesters chant “Gas the Jews” and try to torch synagogues. 

Many in Europe appear unwilling to stand up against the brutal hypocrisy of an insane world.  The death of every child (and every innocent civilian) is a tragedy; yet, more than 170,000 Syrians have been killed in a horrific civil war, including 700 in two days in July while the world was watching Gaza.

More than 8,000 civilians were killed in Iraq this year alone as Sunnis massacred Shiites and Shiites massacred Sunni men, women and children. Of course, no one was really counting. Yet Israel was defending its country against a terrorist organization that hides behind men, women and children in densely populated Gaza.

The world is becoming increasingly dangerous for Israel. Given the worldwide condemnation and one-sided media coverage against Israel, it’s never been a more critical time for the American Jewish community to come together and stand up for Israel.   

We must not, through our silence and inaction, allow the United States to become Europe.  Jewish history will not forgive us if we do and our grandchildren will wonder where we were when Israel needed us most.   

I visited Israel during the first weeks of the war, spending most of my time in the hardest-hit communities in Southern Israel. The people there need this war to end more than anyone, but with a disarmed Hamas. A life lived between rocket attacks – and there have been more than 15,000 of them, most aimed at Southern Israel’s cities and towns since 2006 – is unbearable.

Nearly half of Sderot’s children were diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder before Hamas’ latest barrage of now close to 3,000 rockets in just over three weeks.

It’s vital that you help us bring this message loudly and clearly to the citizens of Boston and especially to our political leadership and to a world seemingly gone mad.

More than 60 organizations are coming together with us to organize a rally to support Israel, two days after Tisha B'Av when we mourn the destruction of the temple, the end of a Jewish State for nearly 2,000 years and the massacre of hundreds of thousands of Jews in those days and repeatedly in the millennia that followed.

When the rally takes place we will have entered the weeks of consolation when God asks us to comfort our people.  There is mourning in many households in Israel right now for our brave soldiers who died in defense of our Israel and our Jewish people.

Bring at least some comfort to our widows and orphans, our wounded soldiers and the traumatized children of Southern Israel.  Let them know they are not alone. 

We are positioned at a tipping point.  We can make a difference.  We can shift the balance. But only if we show up and make our voices heard and take a stand for Israel. Please join us on August 7. Click here for more details.

I look forward to seeing you at the rally.

Shabbat Shalom,
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